About Us


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Minnesota native Jennifer has two passions, baking and dogs. Always being a dog lover, she longed for the day to have a dog of her own. Once she got together with her now fiance, Adam, they adopted their first rescue dog, Jeopardy, in spring of 2011. Jeopardy loved watching Jennifer bake and hanging out in the kitchen together. It was only natural that Jennifer would start baking for Jeopardy next. In 2012, Adam and Jennifer moved to Kansas City and started volunteering to help dogs in need. Knowing how many dogs there are in need of homes, Adam and Jennifer ended up adopting three more dogs Schmitty, Shandy, and Roo. As their fur-family grew so did their need for more treats, but upon looking there were not many options out there that made them feel like they were sharing food with their dogs, who they consider family. Since there was no product available, they started creating snacks using all natural, human-grade ingredients and modeling the recipes after some of their favorite foods to reinforce that their dogs are family and deserve to eat like family.

The dog lifestyle

We all want what is best for our dogs just like what is best for our family. Food is a huge part of how we as people connect and should be the same for our pets. At FurCute, we remove unsafe ingredients from our favorite foods in order for you to build those shared experiences with your dogs; just like family.