The next day I was driving back to work with her in the passenger seat and about half way to work I got a panicked feeling. I couldn’t bring her back! I couldn’t let the chance pass me up!


I said, “There must be a mistake, we paid our deposit and signed everything weeks ago.” The lady in the office insisted that I was wrong and stated that we would NOT be moving in.


He was an 11lb Chihuahua mix and the cutest. When we reached out to the rescue, we found out he was actually found by a person who was dog sitting for their neighbors while they were out of town. He followed them in the building and when their neighbors came home they had two Chihuahuas instead of one!


There was this little computer that showed a bunch of adoptable animals from various rescue groups and shelters in the area so we checked it out. It let us put in parameters and at the time our landlord had a 25lb limit so we had to start small. Within minutes of looking for the first time in the system we found the cutest dog!

Oh, Fur Cute!

Minnesotans are famous for saying things like, “ya, sure, youbetcha.” We are known for combining words and finding ways to shorten sentences. No, we don’t really sound like the movie Fargo portrays northerners, but we do use a lot of drawn out vowels.